#LIVELOKASI is a platform for anyone to share their talent and love for music. You can let your songs be heard and experience the fun and joy of performing on stage for an audience. You will get to make friends, create new fans and explore the opportunity to grow even bigger in the world of music.


#LIVELOKASI usually happens on the 1st & 3rd Saturday of every month  (actual dates may vary – visit our Instagram for updates).




  1. Must play live music. No minus one allowed.
  2. Total performance time is 15 minutes and maximum 3 songs .
  3. Can play original or cover songs, up to you. 


  1. We provide 4 D.I, 3 mics, 2 stage monitors and 2 house speakers.
  2. Must bring your own instruments, cables, pedals & any gears you need.
  3. All instruments will be connected directly into the house speakers via the D.I (except cajon/acoustic drum).
  4. We will not mic up your guitar. Make sure you acoustic guitar come with pickup.
  5. Soundcheck is between 5pm – 630pm. Everyone must do soundcheck. 


  1. Performer fee is only RM10 / performer. Slot is only confirmed once payment is made.
  2. Performer fee is to secure your slot and to avoid last minute cancellation.
  3. Once registered, every performer will be given a code word.
  4. When audience use your code word when they purchase ticket, you will get RM5 comission per ticket. Example: 10 people use your code word, you will get RM50! 
  5. Performer fee will be refunded when you have at least 2 people using your code word.
  6. We will make poster with every performers in it for promotion. Make sure to email us your best photo for the poster.
  7. On event day, we provide professional photo & video services for super cheap price. Talk to us when we meet up!
  8. We will create a Whatsapp group with all the performers, so you can expand network with other musicians and share your music too.

So, what are you waiting for? Register now!


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